Recreational Acrobatic Gymnastics

classes for children aged 2+

NOX GYM is an acrobatic gymnastics club for children age 2 and over. Our classes build core strength, agility and flexibility, Our recreational classes are great for kids who have energy to burn and love to learn new skills. But really it’s all about the fun.

What is Acrobatic Gymnastics?

Somersaults, backflips, twisting acrobatics, pitching and catching, tempo, balance work: Acrobatic Gymnastics is dynamic beauty and static excellence. Set to music on a 12x12m floor, it’s choreography mixed with stunning physical ability and complex technique. Taking part in Acrobatic Gymnastics builds core strength, agility, flexibility, balance and trust in others. Not only does it look impressive, it’s also one of the most fun, energy-burning activities. And the best thing is: everybody can do it.

… and who is it for?

Our classes are open to all children of school age. There are no prerequisites besides a desire to learn new skills and have fun along the way. Whether your child has never done anything like this before or already has experience with gymnastics, we will train them according to their individual needs and potential. Why not come and try it?

At competitive level, acrobatic gymnastics is part of the World Games and also has its own world championships. The disciplines are: men’s, women’s and mixed pair, women’s trio and men’s quartet. Please note that we do not currently offer competitive classes. However, we will be happy to refer anyone showing the right potential and passion to the very successful club in Thame.


NOX GYM is headed by former top gymnasts Sammy and Erica, who have proven their excellence separately and as a duo. They performed together for the first time in 2009, instantly winning Gold. Many medals, regional and national titles followed – both together and apart – until Sammy’s last competition in 2012, where the duo won Gold at the British National Championships. Since which time Sammy has continued to develop her coaching experience and qualifications.

Now a mother of two, Sammy understands the need to find activities for children to enjoy. Noticing the lack of gymnastics classes available locally, she decided to put her coaching experience to good use, and finally fulfil her dream of founding NOX GYM.

Erica retired from competitive gymnastics in 2017. She has more than five years’ experience in coaching beginners and elite gymnasts alike. She studies Sports, Coaching and Physical Education at Oxford Brookes, where she is a member of the student gym club. Erica brings both practical experience and theoretical knowledge to her role as coach.


We currently offer four classes on Sunday afternoons during term. Each has its own theme and trains various elements. From beginner (aged 4+) to intermediate level, there’s one for everybody.

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