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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

Here you will find the answers to some questions you might have. From whether it’s right for your child and what to wear, via who we are and how we work, to admin and logistics.
Is there an age limit to your classes?2019-02-25T13:19:01+00:00

There is no maximum age limit, however, children must be age 5 and up (Or age 4 at the discretion of the coach’s assessment, as to whether or not the 4-year-old can cope with this class at this time).

My child has no previous experience of gymnastics. Can they still join?2019-02-26T20:55:48+00:00

Yes. We welcome children of any ability and age (4+) and offer classes for beginners.
However, please note that an individual assessment may be required for four year olds. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Can parents watch the classes?2019-02-26T20:57:29+00:00

Unfortunately, no. We do not usually allow parents to watch the classes. While we understand the parents’ wish to be present, in our experience this can be distracting for the children. Our first commitment is to the safety and security of the gymnasts. This requires their undivided focus.

That said, we try to run occasional sessions where parents and carers are invited to watch. These take place when we feel the gymnasts are able to perform safely even under the pressure of watching parents. In these sessions, we rehearse what’s been learnt thus far rather than teach the children new skills.

Are coaches DBS checked?2019-02-06T15:37:15+00:00

Yes, all our coaches are DBS checked. Our first commitment is to the children’s safety and security.

Our coaches are also registered members of British Gymnastics and certified to lead gymnastics classes. Additionally, they have the appropriate safeguarding and first aid training required to work with children, which is updated every three years.

Can I get a refund for classes my child does not attend?2019-02-26T20:59:11+00:00

No, classes are paid for in advance and non-refundable.

In the instance that a class is cancelled by us — due to one coach’s unavailability (a minimum of two coaches is required), venue issues or any other reasonable cause — we will do our best to offer a replacement class.

Do you offer a taster session?2019-02-14T14:56:10+00:00

Yes, children are welcome to come and try it first. Please contact us to arrange a taster session.

Why do I also need to pay for a British Gymnastics membership?2019-02-25T11:41:59+00:00

Membership of British Gymnastics is mandatory for all gymnasts in registered clubs. Importantly, it includes insurance (in case of injury during a class, for example) for your child through BG. The separate membership fee (£17) is paid directly to British Gymnastics

The membership fee paid to NOX GYM (£25) covers club administration for your child. Both memberships – our club and British Gymnastics – are renewed annually.

What should my child wear?2019-02-27T16:53:51+00:00

Ideally, children should wear a leotard for gymnastics classes and we would certainly ask them to have their own if they join the club. We’re happy to advise you and we offer a leotard scheme.

For a taster session, we understand that parents may be reluctant to purchase a leotard before knowing if their child will enjoy gymnastics. It is fine to wear shorts and a t-shirt. These should fit tightly but comfortably, yet not be baggy so as not to fall over the child’s head when leaning down and to keep their modesty covered at all times.

With regards to hair, please make sure it is tied away from the gymnast’s face and that there are no unnecessary accessories in it.

Do you offer competitive classes?2019-02-13T11:02:06+00:00

No, we do not currently offer competitive classes. Our classes are designed as a fun activity and to learn basic and intermediate gymnastics skills. However, we will be happy to refer anyone showing the right potential and passion to the very successful club in Thame (or elsewhere). Do speak to us if your child would like to take part in competitions.

Our Classes

All classes run during term:


2pm – 2.45pm: Age 2,3&4 Pre-school Gymnastics
3.45pm – 4.45pm: Age 4-5 Recreational Gymnastics
4.45pm – 5.45pm: Age 6+ Recreational Gymnastics
5.45pm – 6.45pm: Pre-Competition Squad training


9.30 – 11 am: Talent Development Minis Squad
11 – 12.30 pm: Talent Development Squad

1pm – 2pm: Age 7+ Recreational Gymnastics
2pm – 3pm: Age 5 – 6 Recreational Gymnastics
3pm – 4.30pm: Pre-Competition Squad training

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Find Us

All classes take place in:

Eynsham Village Hall
46 Back Lane, Eynsham, OX29 4QW

Please note, no parking on site. Free parking is available at:

Back Lane Car Park, Eynsham